Ice Cream

Here at Buck’s, we manufacture a full line of Bulk ice cream packed in 2.5 gallon tubs, along with a full line of pre-portioned items including pre-scooped vanilla balls in 3.5 and 5oz sizes, fudge roll, spumoni, and several varieties of ice cream pies. Along with our incredibly rich ice cream, we manufacture sherbets, sorbets, and gelato. All of these products are made with the same quality as our ice cream. Sherbets come in 2.5 gallon tubs, the sorbets are packed in 1.5 gallon containers, and the gelato is available in 5 quart containers. Give them a try! We know you’ll love them!


Would you like to serve Buck’s Ice Cream & Desserts? We’ll deliver!

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Buck's Near You

Buck’s Ice Creams can be found all throughout Connecticut.

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